Company InvestGIS Sp. z o.o. was built based on the team of highly qualified scientists, managers and technicians affiliated to or connected with AGH-UST. The idea was to develop technologies of geo-data processing.

Our company was established 2002 with the Polish capital.

Key members of the team completed high education level (professor’s titles and PhD degrees) in such areas as geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry, image processing and informatics.

The members of our technical team were educated in these areas with the use of the newest technologies and quality control programmes.

Our company is oriented to the achievement of the Ideal Quality stimulating our members to gain satisfaction from the projects as much as possible.

As a result, InvestGIS and their project team generate satisfaction of their customers in the processing of geo-data.


InvestGIS specialize in the processing of geo-data.

Our company participate in projects connected with processing of data obtained in terrestrial, low-altitude (drones), air-borne and satellite measurements.

Various kinds of geo-data are processed both in vector and raster forms.

Our company participate in making, compiling and maintaining Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GPS/GNSS.

Our trained staff applies highly advanced digital technology and are top experts in digital maps systems. Our experience is based on works on actual projects both national and international.

These circumstances guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

Additionally, the processing and compiling digital images is highly efficient in terms of accuracy, costs and time necessary to carry out any project.

The objective of the company is providing services related to the market of GIS in Poland and worldwide:

  • carrying our surveying and cartographic works
  • photogrammetry and remote sensing (terrestrial, low -altitude (drones), airborne and satellite)
  • selling geomatic software
  • development of one’s own geomatic applications
  • making GIS internet systems based on databases Oracle, dBase, Access, MySql


Geomatic Software

InvestGIS from their very beginning are the exclusive distributor of Canadian software CATALYST (PCI Geomatica) in Poland.

This software is one of best designed multi-function and most dynamic geomatic solutions available on market. The pack of software offers tools for remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography and GIS.

All these tools are offered in one compact environment, which gives an effect of perfect productivity and highest quality of the products.

InvestGIS has also the following software in its offer:

Dephos – photogrammetric station

Limon – software to process point clouds

Scientific partners



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